The Clown Mask.com


Life is all about ‘moments in time’. Some of those moments are more significant than others, sometimes we have the opportunity, in one of those moments to do something new, something brave, something unique and something that will change our own life or those of others. These are the moments that really matter, when I have to decide whether to take a brave step into a new world, or remain with the familiarity of habit. These are the special moments in my life…


The Clown Mask is all about those special ‘moments in time’. It started with a small group of people with differing ages, differing backgrounds, some shared experiences…but most importantly a real thirst to pursue a vision about which all were really passionate: original brave design, new talent, a fair way to work and the opportunity to take a risk; a life changing risk.

Which is exactly what our new fashion designers do every day – they take brave steps, every time they create a new design, every time they show their own, very personal creation to a critical world.


We love fashion design, there’s just something about it, it’s not the sophisticated je ne sais quoi of our Chinese cousins, or the high-octane desirability of our European counterparts. It’s just so cool, so groundbreaking, so ‘chuck away the rule book’ and all with a fashion twinkle in the eye.


The Clown Mask is Initially both a gallery space/store and a global online destination, we are looking forward to work with established brands and progressive designers, to offer innovative products to knowledgeable fashion consumers. The Clown Mask proud to have created the first dedicated retail environment purely focusing upon young talent working in fashion industry (and by young we mean still in the formative years of their brand, we don’t really mind if they start designing at 60 or beyond).


Our designers are going to core of The Clown Mask retail experience. We believe that their talent speaks for itself and in doing so gives us the chance to present our customers with something new and unique: a perfectly curated collection of the best that emerging trendy fashion has to offer – a wonderful place to create a highly individual style statement and to love the wearing of it.

The best of fashion starts at a ‘moment in time’ – this is that time!


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